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The scheme is a sheer delight for the roving angler as it is operated through vouchers. This allows anglers to access any of the participating fisheries when they want and without the need to contact anyone beforehand. All are catch and release, wild fish.

You can purchase vouchers using PayPal, read a little about each beat and download maps. New beats are being added all the time.
Please note we do not publish a map book and operate this scheme entirely via the web. This saves considerable amounts of money which we are able to invest in improving our rivers rather than in administration costs. Vouchers cost £2.50 each and are supplied in books of 5 or 10 (£12.50 or £25.00) plus a £1.95 postage and admin charge. The vouchers are valid for any beat but can only be used once. Vouchers come in two parts – the first part is posted in a marked letterbox, located near or adjacent to the designated parking place, at the start of the day’s fishing. The second part is a catch return to be posted in the same letterbox at the end of the day’s fishing. Beats are rated according to their quality, ease of fishing and species of fish and cost between 2 and 5 vouchers. Please make sure you complete a catch return (and post it in the Voucher Box) as this data is essential for monitoring the health of these rivers and provides useful information for other anglers.

Most of the rivers and beats in our scheme have been little fished in recent times. They have benefited from work done by local landowners, communities and farmers with the support of the SRT. Opening up these beats to anglers is all part of that process. Treat these small rivers with great respect and they will give wonderful results now and into the future.

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