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Benefits of Cloud servers (VPS)

Benefits of Cloud servers (VPS)

Maybe you’re into the idea of getting a more private, stable and secure hosting solution for your website. Not quite an entire server to yourself, rather, something just a little more private and robust than a traditional shared hosting plan. Maybe you’ve medium level traffic, and are looking for better scalability. VPS, or cloud servers are probably what you need.

Cloud server benefits

Much like shared hosting plans, there are a number of benefits to VPS services as well. Let’s go through them.

Resources, dedicated to you

Similar to getting a full blown server dedicated to yourself, all the resources that come with your VPS plan are dedicated to you. Only you can access and use them. The CPU and RAM headroom that comes with your VPS plan is much, much more than what’s provided with shared hosting plans.

More performance headroom

Think about it. When there are more resources dedicated to the needs of your business, you can achieve a greater level of performance, efficiency and efficacy. Along the same lines, when you’re provided with a greater performance headroom, in terms of server space, your site performs better, loads faster, garnering higher levels of engagement. This in turn boosts your conversion rates and nets you a higher SERP ranking. 

Greater reliability

When compared to shared hosting, you’re getting a great deal of stability and reliability, and not just because of the additional performance headroom. Very few VPS servers are hosted across a single node, if ever. This greatly reduces downtime and ensures that you’re getting the performance you paid for.

Instant scalability

Even if you’re starting a new site from scratch, you’re going to want it to grow without a hitch from the server’s side. That’s where the point of scalability comes in. Head on over to https://webhotel-guiden.dk/find-det-bedste-wordpress-webhotel/, for more insights into webhotels, domains, and hosting.